I eat, sleep and drink in pixels. My heart pumps CMYK and I dream in RGB. My Pantone color would be chartreuse. If I were a object, I would be a watercolor paint brush. I tend to soak up all the given information and let the ideas just seep out of me as I work my creative magic. If I were a font I'd be SANDERSON. Clean, modern, timeless.

I am first and foremost, simply a visual storyteller. I have a background in the ‘analog arts’ of painting, photography, drawing as well as a newly developed skill (thank you....Second City Chicago) Screenwriting.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and I’ve always sought to bring word and picture together whether its viewed in print or on screen. Moving pictures and cinematography are a cherished lifelong dream of mine that I continue to pursue. On a daily basis I bring this passion with me to the table in everything I do, from storyboarding to art direction. It is all an amazing process in which I am proud to serve up the concept to making sure the story is then complete.


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