After a decade working in the commercial world, Naomi blended her photographic eye and rad-bad design chops in tv production, to create her own studio, Naomi Epstein Photography. Working for network television stations and post-production companies in Chicago and LA, Naomi's photographic eye got its start. She designed and created countless storyboards - designing every frame shot for TV shows and commercials.

She would look at the headshot files, marked “men” and “women” to see who would fit the part of “mother role” or “cashier at the bank.” After this role of Art Director, sitting behind a computer for countless hours, -she sought out another creative outlet.


She took classes at Second City, and actors and performers would ask her to take their headshots. As she had all the commercial equipment and knowledge to capture people, why not create a photography studio? She would create and direct scenes on a whim with clients. What she found was, it wasn’t WHAT people were saying with their lines that was interesting; but it was HOW those stories were being told through their expressions and body language. Naomi would look for their facial expressions when watching clients tell their stories. What she found was particularly interesting, a dimple there, a furrowed brow or a sexy smirk. These were the looks that she loved seeing!


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